Beautiful Snowdonia


Snowdonia is a National Park in Wales and Snowdon is its highest mountain.
It’s probably one of the most amazing areas I’ve ever been to and I don’t mind admitting that I’m TOTALLY bias as it’s right in our neighbourhood and we go there often. Whether it’s hiking with the dogs, scrambling for the boys, charity walks or just amazing days out looking out on and across the valleys, the lakes and the mountains, Snowdonia has something to offer for everyone.
If you’re ever in the UK make sure you take some time out to breathe and come to Wales [Welsh cream teabara brith or laverbread optional and highly recommended]. 

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Snowdonia

    • …..and would you believe it, Wilcott is about half an hour away from us [in Shropshire though, not North Wales]. Perhaps one day soon we could take a day trip and I could show you what your maiden name village looks like. Oh the power of the internet ^-^
      thanks for taking the time to comment Erica!

      • Oh, yes, that sounds familiar. It’s been so long since I thought about it that I was thinking it was in Wales proper. Yes, if you do go I would love to see! Thank you!

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