Dover / bye bye Britain


UK quarantine laws changed in January 2012 and by March we were finally ready to take us, the van & the dogs across the Channel for some continental fun. We started the trip with a gentle 6 hour drive down to Dover the night before our ferry crossing and arrived @ Solley’s Farm mid afternoon. Little did we know that we had actually chosen a site with no toilet or washroom facilities [#oops]. Time to set up the drive away awning to house the toilet and to provide some much needed shelter from gale force winds that were blowing down the airfield  mowed down landing strip in the middle of a massive wheat field. The camp site’s refreshingly eccentric owner keeps his old yet beautiful small aircraft in a massive shed behind his farm, which is genius! After a quick dog walk and a 5 minute hike to the local pub [The Plough Inn in the historic village of Ripple] we discovered that we were allowed to bring the dogs inside the pub for the first time ever, bonus! Couple of pints to wash down game pie (for him) and salmon cakes with chips (for her) while watching the very friendly locals and their dogs mingle on a Friday night. Good start!


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