Dover – Neufchatel-en-Bray: Sainte Claire

Dover – Calais – Neufchatel-en-Bray

Camp site: Sainte Claire, €12 with hook up

Managed to catch the 11:10hrs sailing as opposed to the 12:05 we had been booked on. Dogs stayed in car while we went for coffee & cappuccino. Crossing only takes 1.5hrs and having left a very overcast & windy Dover we arrived in sunny Calais @ 14:30hrs. Vive la France ^-^

2.5hr drive to the first camp site we had in mind, Camp Sainte Claire in Neufchatel-en-Bray. Arrived to find a queue of 2 caravans and a very tanned man and his wife from Anglesey (small world) travelling in a tent. Camp site was opened that very same day (1 April) and we were shown to a humongous corner plot facing a stream & field (bit of a theme going on here?). Predominately British & Dutch campers on site. Decided to stay for 2 nights (€12/night with hook up and dogs with ACSI discount card) and once fully set up we cooked pasta & tuna we had in our emergency rations [due to the fact that none of the shops in France are open on a Sunday], washed it down with a bottle of Bordeaux we had bought on the ferry and had an early night watching a film on the laptop.

The adventure has begun!


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