Kitchenette in a tent


Here’s a typical *kitchenette* set up; it’s how we like to have it when the drive away awning is up:

1) the gas cooker / grill

2) the kettle (old style enamel, we love the whistle)

3) gas bottle. Note that you can only carry limited amounts of gas into France [for obvious reasons]. We decided to be economical with our gas [in case we ran out and could not find suitable supplies] and cooked most of our food on the barbie. It’s much more of a social affair and meant less washing up: meat on the barbie, salad in a bowl, baguette on the table ^-^

4) bowls, colander, plates

5) wooden boards for chopping, small frying pans and a flat one to push underneath the grill for a quick & nourishing portion of cheese on toast [particularly good with all those lovelies readily available in all the French supermarches]

6) washing up bowl

7) yep, that’s right – mini chopper……. just because nobody should live without hummus or chopped herbs [and sometimes life’s just too short for chopping…]

8) solar camping light. Cosy!

9) we carried everything else in 4 boxes that sit snugly inside our fitted cabinet. We had tons of spices, cutlery, wet wipes, BBQ skewers [for vegetable kebabs with Halloumi, which – incidentally – we found almost impossible to source in French mainstream supermarkets], cups, plates, matches, fire starters, toilet paper and even tea lights ^-^

10) laundry bag.

Everything we could possibly need under one rain tight roof and all you need to do is zip up’n go.

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