Val Ygot – Normandy – France

Monday morning. Woke up frozen stiff. Iced up windows. Frost on grass. Brrrrr. Luckily we had remembered to borrow a small portable heater which served us well on this trip. After a cup of tea, some washing up and a shower (facilities at the Sainte Claire camp site are extremely clean, well laid out and housed in what must have been stables once upon a time) we decided to have an easy day and start with some shopping in the local supermarket. Having stocked up for the day we headed off to the Foret d’Eawy for some quality dog time.

We drove through some lovely villages such as Saint-Saëns (where we stopped off to get some fresh baguette from the boulangerie) and Bellencombre in some gorgeous weather with not a cloud in sight and then decided to make our way to Val Ygot, an unusual WWII site with a reconstruction of a V1 bomb right in the middle of the forest. I did not know this but after Hitler was defeated @ Stalingrad he decided to design weapons to destroy London & other British ports and subsequently ordered the construction of 400 V1 launching pads. Completed by Christmas 1943 the Val Ygot site was immediately bombed and as a result never functioned.

We were the only people on site that Monday morning and the historical implications of Val Ygot definitely left an impression on me. It’s quite amazing to stand in a part of the world that was as heavily involved in war time activities & tragedies as Normandy. And the beaches were yet to come…..

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