Picnic in the wood

In order to keep costs down we decided to have picnics for lunch. We’d stock up on fresh baguette daily and every other day we would pick a different cheese and different cured meats. Depending on where we were we would stop in different supermarkets and were pleasantly surprised to find that all of the Aldi branches we went to were well-stocked with different local cheeses. The Neufchatel in Normandy is one of France’s oldest cheeses and is very similar to Camembert in texture yet with a crumblier centre and a little saltier & sharper. It’s typically shaped like a heart (other shapes are available…). Legend has it the shape came about because during the Hundred Years’ War, Norman milkmaids  wanted to *soften* the hearts of English soldiers (aaawwwww). Supermarkets also seem to stock a wider variety of cured meats perfect for picnics and breakfasts. In France, Aldi’s range of affordable wines is outstanding (we found a bottle of good AOC Bordeaux from as little as €2.99). Having stocked up for the day we headed off to the Allee des Limousins, a bridle path that cuts through the forest for approx. 9 miles.

2 thoughts on “Picnic in the wood

    • Why thank you Kat. If you like wrong doors and everything British then the Scotland trip we’ve got planned for August might be right up your street ^-^

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