All the Aires

Neufchatel – Honfleur – Colleville-sur-Mere

When we woke up the camp site was completely covered in fog. Quick pack’n wash then off for 4 hour scenic drive along some coast roads to our next destination: D Day beaches.

Along the way we stopped off in Honfleur, a very pretty port loved by the Parisian jet set. Driving through tiny roads that have tons of pretty little restaurants on either side looking out towards magnificent private boats anchored in the middle, it’s easy to see why. We stopped on an aire [aka Aires De Service], which fundamentally is a network of stopping places specifically designed for motor homes [or camping cars, as the French call them]. Across France you can find aires on private land, motorways, close to camp sites and even on farms and vineyards. They can be large, holding up to and in excess of 150 vans, or tiny spots that accept only 1 or 2 vans at a time, the choice is yours. No way is it the same as a camp site but some locations are very close to popular tourist haunts. We were the only VW on this particular aire as ideally you’ll have to be fully equipped with showers & toilets as these are rarely provided. We only used aires as a safe stop for quick picnics and dog walks.

After an hour playing with the *big boys* we then carried on via Rouen to the camp site we had selected @ Colleville-sur-Mere.

One thought on “All the Aires

  1. I was in Honfleur and the landing beaches last year and I thought it was a beautiful area. I’m looking forward to seeing where else you go on this trip!

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