Le Robinson camp site, Colleville-sur-Mere, Normandy

We chose our camp sites with the help of the ACSI guide & discount card as we did not want to have to rely on WiFi access. The selection process was very simple: over wine the night before we got our little book out, decided on the route for the following day (nothing on this trip was pre-planned or pre-booked as we wanted to experience the *real* impulsive travel feeling, albeit with some luxuries like laptop & candles…..) and then narrowed the area down by a) dog friendly and b) cheap. That’s it.

Le Robinson in the Calvados region is ideally located for the landing beaches and has direct access to the Omaha Beach [via a 5 minute stroll towards the back of the camp site and then across some little fields]. I suppose during the summer this would be a busy little place with a nice size swimming pool suitable for families of all ages but as it was early April we were actually the first campers to arrive on site [swiftly followed overnight by a couple from Belgium travelling in a caravan but for a couple of hours we had the whole place to ourselves ^-^].

We paid €16 for our van, electric hook-up and the dogs and although there was nothing particularly special about the place there were definitely no negative issues either. I’d score it a 4/5 [and happily admit that my personal favourites are the quiet, wild sites that ooze character and *specialness*]. Le Robinson is a bit like a pair of shoes you’ve owned for ages: reliable & comfy but not heartstoppingly beautiful or remotely exciting. Just. Well. Nice ^-^


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