On Omaha Beach

Carrying on with the landing beaches *theme* we made our way to Omaha beach. Omaha was the code name used for one of the five sectors during the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the landings on 6 June 1944. The 5 mile long beach faces the English Channel & is stunningly beautiful. Landings here were necessary so that the Brits landing East at Gold Beach could link up with the Americans landing West on Utah Beach. Taking Omaha was the responsibility of US troops, with sea transport provided by the US Navy and elements of the Royal Navy.

We took time out to reflect during a dog walk along the beautiful sandy beach and then headed inside the American museum where a collection of uniforms, weapons, personal objects and vehicles is displayed. The set up includes numerous scenes, vivid archive photos, maps and a film commented by American veterans explaining the landings.

All in all a very educational day. Shame about the weather [windy] but as family members texted us to show us pictures of our house back in Wales covered in snow I think we mustn’t complain about drizzles of rain and clouds when later on we actually sat outside having a barbie ^-^


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