Colleville-sur-Mer – Roz-sur-Couesnon



Time to pack our stuff and move on. On the agenda: Mont St. Michel in Brittany and a one nighter. With Easter round the corner we decided on a *big* shop to get enough supplies to last over the Easter weekend [shops on the continent are closed on Bank Holidays and Sundays]. 5 litre carton of Cabernet Sauvignon (€12 for a semi decent one, not bad!) and 24 of the husband’s now favourite mini bieres (€4.50), some nice pork-onion-parsley saussies (typical for Normandy), fresh veggies (at least twice the size we get in the UK), pork chops and chicken thighs along with baguette, gorgeous tomatoes, lemons and new meats & cheeses for picnics came to €66.

On to La Point Grouin du Sud for a bit of Mont St. Michel spotting and a dog walk. It’s a beautiful spot overlooking some gorgeous bays and – of course – Mont St. Michel in all its mystical glory. We weren’t too lucky with the weather (think Gale force winds) but decided to have a picnic on one of the benches framing the walkway anyway, before carrying on to our next camp site: Les Couesnons in Roz-sur-Couesnon. Although undergoing some work the site was spotlessly clean (one of the advantages of travelling across the continent in Spring I guess). This has been the most expensive site so far [€18.50 plus €1 each per dog] and the only one charging extra for the dogs [although the owners did have a dog of their own, kinda makes no sense to me]. Pitches weren’t as inviting as on other sites and at this time of year it looked as if the site was primarily used by travelling workers as a cheap alternative to hotels and the like. Facilities were extraordinarily clean (albeit the water in the showers was a tad on the cold side) but I’m guessing by now you can probably read into this brief review that it was not one of my favourite sites.

This was also the first site we decided to stop at without putting the drive away awning up as we only intended to stay for one night to move on to Mont St. Michel and Brittany the next day. For dinner we cooked Beef Kebabs with a chickpea salad and washed it down with our bargain Cabernet Sauvignon while watching John Travolta in Basic and Swordfish. All good.

2 thoughts on “Colleville-sur-Mer – Roz-sur-Couesnon

    • I don’t think it is! I think the French *trick* us with savvy slogans such as *great Bordeaux*…..*egalite*……*joyeux campeurs* and like lambs to the slaughter we’ll fall for it hook line’n sinker. Et voila: hooked on France irrespective of the weather ^-^

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