Mont St. Michel


Not much to pack as we had only used the day awning and had only stayed the one night so after a leisurely [cold] shower off we went to see Mont St. Michel. It’s an amazing sight to drive up to. Apparently originally built only on four pillars as a small hermitage, it eventually developed into a major pilgrimage centre in the 11th century with other buildings added around it to form an intricate labyrinth. We went off the beaten track somewhat (as far as possible, this is a major tourist attraction and even on a windy glum day like the one we went to see it on, it was absolutely choc a block with people from all over the world). Entrance is free (apart from the €6 parking charge for the day) but if you want to see any of the museums or the actual abbey you will have to part with €9 for every single one of them [you do the maths]. We decided to just take a leisurely stroll around the place and made the most of lots of fabulous photo opportunities.

I enjoyed our time at the Mont but gotta admit it wasn’t what I would consider our *most French* day. There’s too many people all trying to do the same thing and I’m not at my best crowded by snap happy strangers and dread to think what this place is like during the summer season. But it’s definitely a magical place and the things it must have seen over the years, oh my! ^-^

7 thoughts on “Mont St. Michel

    • Hi Rich. Looks like we had similar ideas with the France trip, you will love it even more when you go in the van, I can guarantee that ^_^ I guess our France trip was the kick up the **** I needed to start documenting #vanlife so welcome along, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear/see more of each other from now on ^_^
      Were are you based? Derbyshire?

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