Mont St. Michel – Plouguerneau, Brittany

And on to Plouguerneau, our first stop in Brittany. It’s very much like Anglesey and even has bilingual road signs which makes me wonder what their spoken French actually sounds like (unable to speak French fluently myself I obviously can’t hear any variations in the accent which is a shame). Its rugged, unspoilt yet clean coastline appealed to both of us and we were happy to settle into our new home for the next two days which was about 250m from the white sandy beach and very quiet. The one thing we did overlook though was the small matter of tall trees versus the sun [apparently the higher the tree the less sun you get, WHAT????? ^-^]

We had chosen Camping du Vougot [same principle: ACSI book over bottle of vino tinto, search for *dog friendly* and like the picture = bingo]. We paid €15/night upfront and were very pleased to discover that toilet and washroom facilities were excellent and very clean and the owner – whose English was as *good* as my French – was very welcoming. This was the first site on which we had to buy shower tokens (€0.50 for each of them which gives you water for 6 minutes) and pay the local tourist tax (€0.22 per person per day). Using the washing machine costs €5 and so does using the drier. So we’re hoping that it’d be cheaper on the next one ^-^

Having arrived late afternoon after a four hour drive up from Mont St. Michel we spent some time setting up then threw some [massive!] chicken thighs on the barbie and had it with boiled potatoes (weird but available in our *veg basket*) and Tzatziki (again, stuff we needed to use up….) with our bargain Cabernet Sauvignon while watching Wolverine.

Another happy day in a camper’s life!


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