Plouguerneau – St. Michel – Lilia


Beach day! From the Du Vougot camp site we drove to Saint Michel where we found a beautiful tiny chapel along the far Northern coast. We took a [very wet….] walk to look at the lighthouses on the Ile Vierge before continuing on into Lilia where we saw some locals heading off to the beach with buckets, wellies and some even with spades. Intrigued, we decided to follow and soon discovered that they all appeared to be looking for something. I plucked up the courage to ask one of the locals in my pigeon French what they were looking for and she replied that they were on the hunt for brown crabs, prawns & cockles. We had already managed to pick a handful of cockles ourselves [which we were going to turn into our starter that day] but also managed to see some [disappointingly small] brown crabs [which – of course – we put back once we’d taken the obligatory tourist shot ^-^]

Spending time on a beach with the water out looking for seafood was great fun and definitely one of my highlights and I’m glad we decided to stop irrespective of the weather ^-^

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