Plouguernau – Lorient

We pack up early and head for Vannes, a 4 hour drive along B roads and decide to stop halfway @ the submarine base in Lorient. It’s overcast yet we seem to have escaped the rain. For now. At the submarine base we spend €8.50 each for a tour of the museum and the actual submarine. Not really a submarine fan myself I fear the worst [boredom….] but am positively surprised by an excellent, informative and very modern museum with superb audio and visual effects. It depicts the history of Lorient as a strategic location and also the history of its submarine with an impressive audio tour of the actual submarine.



We have an impromptu picnic at the car park afterwards, with Breton pate and leftover couscous salad from the previous night and carry on with our journey to the Vannes region.



One thought on “Plouguernau – Lorient

  1. Just across the Puget Sound is the Naval Undersea Warfare center at Bangor WA (don’t worry it is not a secret) and a really cool Undersea Warfare Museum. I think the last time I was there I rode my bicycle (maybe 30 miles or so) but in the past we have visited in our VW Eurovan camper. So seeing your picture brings back great memories. Thanks. I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this van plus 4 blog. Looks like fun. Kat

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