Carnac – Alignements de Carnac – Morhiban coastline

Alignements de Carnac

Here we are at the Alignments de Carnac. Basically…….loadsa stones lined up in some fields. A must see yet somewhat boring [I guess you could call me a cynic but I’m just not getting the *mystic* hype….it’s pretty obvious years’n years’n years ago *somebody* schlepped hundreds of big stones to a field?]

dogs nr Alignements de Carnac, Brittany, France

We take the dogs for a walk in the woods and try to catch the *tourist attraction* almost as a *must bag* and not *want to see*. Still. Lots of stones later we head out to the beach by the Morhiban coastline, somewhere near St. Pierre. It’s full of windsurfers (in the freezing cold, going back’n fro in 2 rows) and what looks like roller surfers. It’s incredibly windy but we head out for almost 3 hours and it’s fun to watch the surfers and rollers go past. Lots of people just turn up and watch then get back in their cars and carry on driving.

beach pics, Brittany, France

After our now obligatory picnic in the van we head off to Quiberon.

Quiberon, Brittany, France



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