Carnac – Yvré-l’Evêque

Carnac --> Yvre-l'Eveque

Today we spend most of our time in the van driving up on B roads from Carnac to the Le Mans area; it’s almost like the beginning of the end as we are now officially on our way back home.

It rained all day but when we get to the camp site the weather seems to have mercy on us and we set up while it’s dry. I even get to read a magazine and have a glass of Artisan cidre in my new moon chair, for the very first time ^-^

We take a short walk into Yvré-l’Eveque, a nice little village just behind the camp site, and find a quiet little park by a river to stretch our legs and give the dogs some time to run around [I’d show you some pics but I forgot my camera so no can do….].

There is not much to do and we feel worn out so we decide to have an early night. And just as we light the barbie the heavens open up and it chucks it down. We end up in the middle of a hail storm and within minutes we find ourselves huddled underneath our day awning smoking the van out. The Fiamma [awning] holds up nicely and we carry on putting the shrimps on the barbie [€3 for a pound of shell on ones, bargain!] while our motorhome neighbours probably feel sorry for us.

preparing food on the barbeque

We also manage to set up an appointment with a vet in Le Mans, with the help of the site’s very friendly lady owner who points us in the direction of another British couple on site who already have an appointment at the same time and the same day for their dog. Turns out this retired couple from Kent used to own a hotel not far from where we live and where one of my friends actually got married. Small world! Like most of the retired couples we come across they spend their time in winter travelling down to Spain in their motorhomes before returning to the UK in Spring or early summer and we can seriously see ourselves doing exactly the same [in the very distant future, ha!]

Still. We have our shrimps marinated in chilli oil with spicy beef kebabs and a beetroot/green salad dressed with garlic, lemon juice & oil with a bit of baguette and wash it down with a 2010 Chateau Causse Saint Chinnian while watching some rubbish film about young criminals in the US getting rehabilitated through American Football. Aaaaaaand sleep ^-^

One thought on “Carnac – Yvré-l’Evêque

  1. Those shrimps look delicious… And Rubbish films in the US about criminals being rehabilitated, we call those fairy tales. We’re just back from a VW van camping weekend… Have a look if you like. Bye for now. Kat

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