St. Martin-en-Campagne – Baie de la Somme

Short drive to the Baie de la Somme, a massive Estuary/marchland area about an hour’s drive from Dieppe.

between Dieppe and Baie de la Somme

The sun’s out and it’s blue skies all over, perfect for taking the dogs on the beach. We start off in St. Valerie sur Mer, a gorgeous tiny port with opportunity to see some seals [we weren’t lucky enough, unfortunately] and harvesting samphire [again, unlucky us].

between Dieppe and Baie de la Somme

When the water’s out the beach is approx. 12 km wide and totally impressive. We spend a couple of hours exploring the gorgeously sandy beaches.

Baie de la Somme

We carry on to the mediaeval part of St. Valerie and take a stroll along the river Somme. Final stop of the day is a little port famous for its glorious fish restaurants {so famous in fact its name escapes me….]. We see a lot of people eating lobster, mussels, scallops and the like in little cafés dotted across the center but can’t sit down and eat ourselves as our dogs are not as familiar with Europe’s café culture as we’d like them to be.

So we head off to our next camp site about 30 minutes away. It’s on a working farm and right up our street. There’s only another 3 caravan owners on site with us and the farm feels like the kind of stuff childhood memories are made of: a simple games room in what once used to be stables; toilets and showers in another old farm building [where birds where actually nesting] and the atmosphere is definitely relaxed, the pitches are massive and the few chalets they have do not seem to take over the actual farm. Happy campers!

Camping de la Motellette

For dinner we have [more] sausages, crepecinettes (which are basically pork meat balls wrapped in stomach lining which keeps the meat wonderfully juicy), baguette and spinach salad in a [very spicy] mustard dressing washed down with a nice Bordeaux [what else]. Tomorrow is the last day of our trip and already we dream about coming back!

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