Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria [England]

Greengill House Morland Cumbria

Just back from 2 weeks travelling through France we miss being in the van and decide to take it to Cumbria for a bit of English countryside spotting ^-^

By now it has become pretty obvious that we prefer small, quiet sites in the middle of nowhere and so we search the camping & caravanning web site for what they refer to as *certificated* sites in Cumbria. A certificated site is one that’s small and accepts just five caravans or motorhomes. Some of them also accept tents, space permitting. Most of them only offer minimal facilities – ideal for when you want to get away from it all.

Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria

When we speak to the owner to book a pitch he asks us to drop the charge for the 2 night stay through the letterbox of his house on arrival and to pick whichever pitch we like.

There is only one other tent on the field when we get to Morland around 8:30pm on a Friday evening and it belongs to a very friendly middle aged lady and her two furry companions who have been spending a few weeks here to catch up with friends in the village.

Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria

A quarter of the field is left as a meadow (which is great for the dogs) and overlooks some houses.

Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria

We quickly set up then head off into the little village to a little place that serves coffee during the day and pizza at night, perfect! We treat ourselves to a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio while waiting for the pizza to bake then take it back to our perfect little spot and eat it with the sun still shining on our faces and the dogs rolling around in the meadow. Happy campers ^-^

Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria

Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria

The verdict:

We paid £14 per night, this included a hook up. There’s one toilet/shower room which is perfectly adequate [although possibly the weirdest set up as it tries to look like a *normal* bathroom in an old barn which doesn’t really work for me. If I was super critical I’d suggest that the owner set up a bathroom that’s a little slicker than the one currently in use but like I said – this one is perfectly adequate]. We were unbelievably lucky with the weather [which is why I decided not to show moody Cumbrian pictures with grey stone walls but super green greenery and super blue skies ^-^] and liked this site very much. The owner is unobtrusive and left us to enjoy the view and the weather [he did quickly introduce himself the following morning though, which was nice] and the middle aged woman in the tent who very kindly supplied us with tea bags on the Friday evening was replaced by another quiet middle aged couple [also with two furry friends] on the Saturday.

This site is perfect for vans and tents but possibly tricky to access with caravans or larger motorhomes given that the entrance is pretty tight. I’d score this a 3/5 and would happily return for a relaxing break in beautiful Cumbria.

Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria


10 thoughts on “Greengill House, Morland, Cumbria [England]

  1. That place looks wonderful to me. I like the stacked stone walls. We don’t have any dogs, but we have a pack of wild little grandsons that would enjoy running around there.

  2. Yep, they would have loved roaming around on this little field – there was also a tree swing and a tranquil stream (as well as a busy little boozer for the grown ups ^-^)

  3. I love the image you create in the words & the pictures are fantastic, but I still can’t pluck up the courage to follow. I like a good solid hotel room. I feel I’m missing out when I read your blog!

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