Aira Force Falls [The Glade] nr. Ullswater, Cumbria

After a hearty bacon sarnie for breakfast the friendly lady in the tent next to us comes over and tells us she’s leaving the site, would we be interested in her Lake District magazine. We are! We read about a walk around Aira Force near Ullswater, apparently dropping an impressive 66 feet down a rocky ravine. It seems that in the 1870’s, the Howard family of Greystoke Castle owned an old hunting lodge close to the shore and renovated it into what is now known as Lyulph’s Tower, set amongst its own sporting estate. The Howards landscaped the area around the Aira Force walk and used it is a pleasure garden, planting over half a million ornamental trees. They also set up a network of tracks, footpaths and bridges.

It’s quite a busy little walk [that must have been because the weather was absolutely outstanding] and immediately we’re greeted by the Search & Rescue helicopter….. a bad Omen….? I’m a bit of a sucker for a great looking chopper in a very blue sky and so happily snapped away as the helicopter seemed to circle us.

Search & Rescue helicopter Aira Falls Cumbria

After a few minutes it flies off in a different direction and we carry on with our walk….

Aira Force Falls walk Cumbria.

…while the dogs have a little stick’n swim time ^-^

dogs at Aira Falls Cumbria

impressions from Aira Force Falls Cumbria

As nice as it is, it’s only taken us about 2 hours to walk around the fall – which, to be brutally honest- is somewhat disappointing……in a kind of *blink and you miss it* way, so we decide to spend the rest of the afternoon with a picnic, a trip to the Hartside Summit and some nice cool beers in the pub.

2 thoughts on “Aira Force Falls [The Glade] nr. Ullswater, Cumbria

  1. Lovely blog you have here & thanks for visiting mine! I see you visit all the nice places I see out the window as I fly over and always wish I could change my travel plan!

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