Belmont Hall, Northwich, Cheshire [England]

The plan was to pick a site not far from where we live so that we could simply jump in the van one Friday after work, not drive far yet spend a weekend feeling as if we were properly *away from it all*.

We picked Belmont Hall in Cheshire because it’s literally down the road [45 minutes by car], it’s a certificated site [our favourite] and it looked like the tranquil, beautiful location we were craving.

Belmont Hall certificated camp site Cheshire

I guess no matter how long you’ve lived in the UK, you ALWAYS hope for the best weather there can be and sometimes, just sometimes, your prayers are answered and you find yourself enjoying a full weekend of sun. Well, I also guess one of us must have been a very very bad person in a previous life as more often than not we find ourselves battling the dreaded elements that are wind & rain!

Belmont Hall camp site is set in secluded parkland with stunning views over a lake and surrounded by magnificent mature trees. It’s an outdoor person’s dream as there is wildlife in abundance. The Hall itself [now a school we believe] is a very fine example of early Georgian architecture and is a Grade 1 listed building [and comes with its own separate entrance as we discovered when we did not read the TomTom instructions correctly and ended up in front of the building only on the wrong side, oops].

Belmont Hall certificated camp site Northwich Cheshire England

From the moment we sat down in the van ready for our gentle drive to Cheshire it rained. And it never stopped. We found ourselves arriving at the camp site in the rain. Being welcomed and shown to our pitch [by a very nice man] in the rain. Getting acquainted with our only *neighbour* [a Liam Gallagher lookalike from Mannnnnchessssssster] talking in the rain. Setting up then cooking. In the rain. Walking the dogs. In the rain. Watching new neighbours arrive around 23:00hrs setting up their van. In the rain. So when we woke up the following morning and it STILL RAINED we decided to admit defeat. So we packed up and headed home……[in the rain. Of course ^-^]

Belmont Hall certificated camp site Northwich Cheshire England

We paid £13 [if I remember rightly] with a hook up and parked right at the top of the large field so that we could be close to the toilet block during night time [smart move]. There were 2 showers and 1 toilet [very clean and totally adequate for a site this size] and the yard is also used as a storage area for caravans. There were also quite a number of camouflaged men fishing the lakes [some of them even stayed the night in their equally camouflaged tents] and a herd of bullocks roamed around on the other side of the fence.

We met the [very friendly!] couple running the site the next morning [when we broke the news that we did not intend to hang around for another wet day] and spent about an hour or so chatting to them. Despite the rain and the fact we could not actually do anything on this site we did enjoy being there.

I’d give this a 3/5 and would happily return some time next year [when – fingers crossed! – it won’t rain ^-^].

3 thoughts on “Belmont Hall, Northwich, Cheshire [England]

  1. ha! *luckily* we’re approaching autumn now [you tend to kinda forget what season it is, trying to judge what month we’re in by how warm or cold the rain is…. ^-^] and so we’ve got the mud to look forward to next. Yay…………..

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