Carbost –> Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye [Scotland]

en route to Carbost Isle of Skye Highlands Scotland

We decide to head off to Carbost to take a look at the Talisker Whiskey Distillery but after setting off are curious to see why there’s a queue outside the village bakery. Turns out to be the oldest bakery on Skye, happy campers!

oldest bakery Skye Highlands Scotland

Like the good little Brits we are we promptly join the queue and are positively surprised by the smell and the smoke coming from inside the bakery. The loaves of bread look delish! And smell divine! The freshly baked cakes look irresistible and the breakfast melts on offer are truly scrumptious! We walk away with one of their fresh, big & inviting loaves and a bacon & cheese turnover for Mr. B’s brekkie.

The drive to Carbost is dotted with view points that are most definitely worth more than just one stop:

Isle of Skye Highlands Scotland

Isle of Skye Highlands Scotland

Isle of Skye Highlands Scotland

The last stretch of road is covered in pretty inventive scare crows. We think it’s something to do with the upcoming annual scarecrow festival and appreciate the effort that’s gone into making them [but if anybody knows what they were really all about please feel free to educate us ^_^].

scarecrows on Skye Highlands Scotland

As for the distillery… well, here at we know nothing about Whiskey and so perhaps the entire experience is a little lost on us…[oops]. But we went. Had a good look around. And carried on.

distillery on Skye Highlands Scotland

Up the road we find a little Oyster Farm and a very passionate oyster farmer showing us his wares inside his little oyster shack.

oyster farm on Skye Highlands Scotland

Unfortunately we cannot cook lobster in the van or stomach oysters [what’s wrong with us????] but happily buy some beech smoked Scottish salmon from him which we have on our gorgeous freshly baked bread [from the oldest bakery] for lunch during a road side picnic [and yes, don’t judge me *BUT* I did make Mr. B try and find the perfect roadside picnic stop despite the fuel gauge lighting up amber…]

Isle of Skye Highlands Scotland

Isle of Skye Highlands Scotland

Refreshed we carry on to Glenbrittle, our Cool Campsite Scotland stop for the day. More about that soon ^_^

[PS: and look at Big H and his silly ramp;  finally on the road to recovery, yay!]

Isle of Skye Highlands Scotland


3 thoughts on “Carbost –> Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye [Scotland]

  1. I’m a little embarrassed – That was me with my butt hanging out bending over next to the log pile. Sorry if I offended any of your subscribers. Kat

  2. Oops! I didn’t realize the vanplusfour was more than a single series. My bad. Anyway, the gradient used on your waterfront village shot is lovely!. Again, nice work, you two! Thanks for liking my “Two Coastal Trees”, the “Battle of Guilford Courthouse Reenactment” and “Permission to Buzz the Tower”. It’s always great to hear from you. Happy travels!

    • Thanks Laurie ^_^ I’m not a photographer. I’m more like a *documentor*. I don’t think I have any idea about *gradients* but I take the compliment anyway, ha! Maybe one day soon I will find out more about gradients, layers, ranges, meters etc. etc. etc. but until then I think I will leave it to you, the professionals ^_^ Will pop back to check your shots for sure!
      Take care,

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