Happy New Year from North Wales

Insta xmas

Well. We ate a lot. Drank a lot. Met up with friends – a lot. Had lots of walks and also rested – a lot. We had lots of fun – without the van – and are already looking forward to a lot of trips planned for 2013.

So. From us to you. Happy New Year to you all <3

18 thoughts on “Happy New Year from North Wales

    • Likewise! Perhaps ours could be a little less *ahem* WET this year – 2012 was the wettest in Wales since records began, boohoo :(
      luckily I have your gorgeous snow pics to feast my greedy little eyes on right now :)

    • Exciting van times ahead!!! You seem a very busy lady, what with the amazing supper clubs (how far away are you from the Llangollen area?) and the Weimar theme (would you believe, I am a German born North Walian with an ever present craving for Semmelknödel, Sauerkraut, Gurken, Jägerschnitzel and the like ^-^) I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in 2013! ^-^

      • Aaww thanks, I’m glad you like my blog. I love your pictures, they put mine to shame!! I definitely need a new camera!!

        I’m based in Bethesda which is a little way from LLangollen, although I have had people travel from Chester to attend supper club!!!

        Its amazing how many German bloggers contacted me while we were doing the Weimar night. I had some very good suggestions and much needed help from one twitter follower!! (KerstinsKitchen)…she lives in Shropshire and runs a supper club too.

        Another Weimar night is in discussion…around May time I think so keep a look out…just in case you fancy a visit it the area!

        Take care


  1. Love the food photos – that’s the thing I like best about Christmas – all that lovely food :-) (I’m a bit of a pig – that’s why I have to walk it off up the mountains!),

    • We like to eat’n drink round here Carol ^_^ I think we should add a new *walking* section on the blog this year (food, camping, walking……….goes together like Gin & Tonic, right? ;)) and so I’m looking forward to visiting your site often to see how it’s done properly ^_^
      *See* you soon!

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