Bunchrew Caravan Park, Inverness, Highlands – Scotland

Scotland roadtrip campsite

Not bad for a very last minute pitch…???!!! We arrive at the park with 10 minutes to spare before closing time. It’s full. There’s a rock concert on in Inverness that night and hordes of party revellers have turned up for a meet. It doesn’t bode well but it ends up working in our favour ^_^

The owner’s unsure about where to put us. Jokingly I suggest *right outside your window?* and he goes for it, yessssssss! He quickly produces an extra long hookup and connects us to his office. Through the window. Different!?

Bunchrew Caravan Park Inverness Highlands Scotland

It’s not the type of site we would normally go for but could not find any other more rural/urban/remote campsites near Inverness so settled for this one. It’s quite commercial with its fair share of privately owned and up for hire static caravans running along the left hand side of the grounds. The right hand side seems to be taken over by large groups of caravan friends (the friendly & quiet type I might add ^_^). Vans and tents occupy the bottom half of the grounds, which is where we have to traipse to in the middle of the night (in the rain….) to wash’n flush. Although somewhat dated, facilities are well laid out, spacious and clean. *The Green* we’re occupying (with no neighbours, yay) serves as a playing field in the summer. We were initially a little concerned about being unable to get off the wet ground the following morning (remember the heavy rainfalls in August folks?) but would rather struggle to get the van off the field than squeeze into a tight spot between other caravans and so happily set up, cook, sip wine and relax.

Bunchrew Caravan Park Inverness Highlands Scotland

Bunchrew Caravan Park Inverness Highlands Scotland
Bunchrew Caravan Park Inverness Highlands Scotland

The verdict:
Bunchrew Caravan Park, Inverness, IV3 6TD – £17 for the pitch, £2.85 for EHU, £0.50 for each dog

A tad on the expensive side. Why then do we have to pay extra for the dogs? Hm.
Facilities were okay but not memorable. Location is secluded but busy (with that many statics & caravans on site, this is not surprising). Close to Inverness. It’s not that we didn’t like it (the owner was extremely helpful and very accommodating)….it’s just that there’s too many other great campsites out there and this one has already been forgotten about…. 3/5


2 thoughts on “Bunchrew Caravan Park, Inverness, Highlands – Scotland

  1. Mr. Eagle-eyed – looks like Mrs. Photo Essay Writer [see what I did there, now that I’ve passed the *50 follower* mark (yayayayayaayay) I’ve given myself a new virtual job title ^_^] has taken the *poetic licence* theme to a new visual dimension…..?
    YES. I fiddled with it. I admit it! My picture OCD did not allow me to leave the tree at the angle I originally shot the picture with. But I do not recall there being a *stacked up* issue on waking the following day so perhaps it just looks worse than it was…..? Needless to say I shall now introduce more rigorous *out of level* controls ^_^
    Babs B

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