vanplusfour roundup – January 2013

Wowzers, has it REALLY been a month already???!!! Too much red wine on New Year’s Eve already seems like ancient history [and I can no longer remember the subsequent headache at all, ha!] ^_^

We enjoyed some pretty epic walks in January. We battled through high winds, enjoyed the snow and seem to have developed a strange fetish for moody tree pictures…?

January 2013 roundup

We also cooked and ate a lot & might have to reintroduce some form of exercise regime jn February [for the females at least……#oops].

January 2013 roundup

At home: SNOW!!!! yayayayayay :) heavy snowfall unfortunately brought with it the collapse of our beloved Pergola [blame the builder ^_^] but mainly we will remember January for good food shared with good friends, having the best bowler in the family and being excited about the year ahead.

January 2013 roundup

If you love pictures as much as we do you might wanna share the fun we’re having on Instagram. It’s not rocket science to find us: @babsboardwell ^_^

5 thoughts on “vanplusfour roundup – January 2013

  1. Your insta-pics are so nice! Mine always end up like blurry unidentifiable ones. Though, I’ve got a new phone now, so hopefully I’ll improve in the future. See you on Instagram:)

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