Foel Fenlli [North Wales]

Here’s what we get up to when the van’s hibernating:

We look at sheep [it’s like the law round here!]

Moel Fenlli jan2013

We forget our camera but pretend it’s not happening by taking sky & dog shots on our mobiles:

Moel Fenlli jan2013
Moel Fenlli jan2013
Moel Fenlli jan2013

We look like we can read maps [well, *some* of us actually can] and aimlessly point & shoot in the vain hope that some of the things we can’t actually see on screen will turn out alright regardless of ISO, aperture or shutter speed ^_^

Moel Fenlli jan2013

We deal with our Instagram obsession:

Moel Fenlli jan2013

We have a good look around some working farms [and reassure our hairy companions:]:

Moel Fenlli jan2013

We go home and release our inner nerds then let them connect GPSes to laptops and watch them exchange weird data:

Moel Fenlli jan2013

And THEN…………..we pour ourselves some pretty pink bubbles and take them outside to the hot tub overlooking some glorious Welsh mountains and count our blessings. Well. I might have made that last bit up ^_^

And there we have it. A fabulous day out in North Wales.


10 thoughts on “Foel Fenlli [North Wales]

  1. Wow! The North Wales tourism and visitor’s office should just write you a really big check (or is it cheque?) Your ability to just take a very normal day around home and create a series of images that make one feel the need to study each individual picture, to feel to mud under your boots, to hear that gate squeak… Well, you get the idea. Nice work, I’m a van plus 4 / MrsB fanboy.

  2. OMG! Already planning full on fan meets! You could buy our T-shirts???!!! Get the mug………I’ll sign your copy of my book……then we’ll take a semi awkward pic and you could start plastering your perfectly grown-up house with VW posters and pictures of Welsh Border Collies???!!! Yay!!!
    Seriously though, thanks v much for feeding my blog ego fanboy, brought a nice big smile to my face ^_^
    PS: we no longer accept cheques from the North Wales Tourist whatsit, they keep bouncing, ha!
    PPS: North Wales Tourist whatsit: if you’re reading this: am joking. of course. if you want to hire me, am in!!!! ^_^

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