Moel y Plas [North Wales]

Moel y Plas jan2013

Random facts of the day:

1. I named our dog after a footballer [what??? why???!!!]. It was a toss up between Freddy Ljungberg and Thierry Henry. The French one came out on top.

Moel y Plas jan2013

2. Mr. B is 6’4″ [that’s 1.93 in metric land] ^_^

Moel y Plas jan2013

3. Wrexham has the 3rd oldest international football stadium in the world. THE WORLD!

Moel y Plas jan2013

4. Neither of us likes football.

Moel y Plas jan2013

5. I think this guy is pretty awesome and this lady is absolutely hilarious.

Moel y Plas-11

6. I am always late. For everything.

Moel y Plas jan2013

7. If I won the lottery I’d hire a private plane and get all my friends to come away with us for one heck of a weekender.

Moel y Plas jan2013

8. In a previous life I worked as a translator for these guys.

Moel y Plas jan2013

9. I love cooking. But can’t ever get these right and it’s killing me!!!!!!!

Moel y Plas jan2013

10. I am not a violent person.

Moel y Plas jan2013

11. I met my husband online. And he initially rejected me. Is he insane???? ^_^

So it’s win/win today. Facts and pics. What’s not to like.

PS: snow pics from Moel y Plas. North Wales. Where else ^_^

25 thoughts on “Moel y Plas [North Wales]

  1. Nice series.
    Have you considered reviewing the levels of the digital images? I always find this a difficult call – I know snow should be white but when I took the image it was grey – same problem when I get blue snow.
    One thing about Border Collies – they have to many breeds – on that day they were Huskies. ;)

    • Thanks ^_^ luckily normality has been restored and North Wales is now ready for Spring yay [although, guess what the forecast says for this weekend???!!! Boo!!]
      feel free to pop back for more snow pics then I guess, ha ^_^

    • Love all your snow shots! We’re expecting some more snow in North Wales this weekend but as it’s not usually a *snowy* country I daren’t take the big one and so most snow shots are captured on iPhone. And Instagram ^_^
      Keep posting great pics and pop back soon, will do the same, ha!

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