vanplusfour roundup – February 2013

February was a bit of a weird one. Snowery. Geekery. 3Dery. Eatery. Teachery. And celebratery. Just about sums it up we think ^_^

There was a day trip to Yorkshire to pick up a sink. There were mussel introductions for me and the mother in law. There was NEWSAR excitement for Mr. B. A new teaching experience for Mrs B. We drank beer on Valentine’s Day & met exciting new friends [while maintaining old ones ^_^]. There was all girl kinkery [oooh ahhh]. 21st birthday celebrations. We upped our level of nerdery and now also love geocaching. And of course – there was more (dog) walkery!

February 2013

February 2013

February 2013

February 2013


13 thoughts on “vanplusfour roundup – February 2013

  1. Hi there !. I follow The Blonde Coyote and noticed you live in Wales so decided to check out your posts.I guessed you might be a traveller and photographer.Your pics are great and some places I recognise.We lived on the Welsh borders ” Powys” but now live in Crete, Will be stopping by again.

    • Hi Rita ^_^ I’m really liking my blog at the minute. It made a stranger in Germany send a freebie CD of the singer who featured this chap’s VW bus shot in NZ on her folk album released in the US all the way to little ole me in North Wales. It meant I virtually bumped into a guy who is now on the same Search & Rescue team as my husband 2 weeks before they met. And somebody *actually* credited me for giving him the push he needed to start up his own blog. I mean – seriously!!!??? So here you are, a lady now living in Crete who stumbled upon this humble playground via the brilliant and happened to live in Powys!!!
      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. You MUST come back as entries such as the Shell Island post were the humble beginnings of this blog and I feel I have a lot more to show as I get to grips with the lens and the keyboard ^_^
      [And having now written an essay instead of a simple *thank you* message (oops) I’d now like to thank my parents, my husband, my neighbours, our nephews and nieces, the Welsh Tourist Board……no actually, NOT the Welsh Tourist Board: they’ve still not spotted that I am a tourism industry genius, ha!]
      all the best from North Wales,
      Babs B ^_^

  2. Hi there,Hope its o.k. to call you Babs. Thanks for your nice reply.I will eventually get through all your posts.We had a bit to do with the Welsh Health and Safety offices as we used to make sauces from Original Roman recipes.Sold them to Museums and Historical houses over England and Wales.But they were very helpful and allowed us a small grant when we first began. The computer is a great tool for bringing people together from all walks of life so I too enjoy my blog.Only last year a friend I made through the computer visited us all the way from Colorado.We had a great time together as she stayed with us for two weeks. Enjoy your adventures.Best wishes .

  3. Sooo love your pictures!! Any good camera recommendations as I HAVE to upgrade mine soon? I’ve been shooting on my crappy little one for too long.

    Our van due for its first proper outing of the year soon…and then first festival in May!!

    Don’t forget to drop in if you’re ever over this way x

    • Wow, coincidence or what??!! Had a comment all written up on your last supper club post [AND had checked out Wales’ answer to pop ^_^] but no longer liked what I’d written by the time I got to the end = bad Babs :(
      Is there a great little camping spot near you somewhere? Still looking for something cool to do for our wedding anniversary slash birthday weekend mid March – run a supper club for us pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase ^_^
      I shot all the pics on the roundup post just with the humble iPhone 4 [most of them come from Instagram, my daily playground] but when I want it to look good I use my Nikon D5000. Although I’m keen as mustard I am still very much a novice and have only just started shooting in RAW format and editing in Lightroom 4. And yes, I am currently spending far too much time geeking away…, ha!
      Until soon,

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