Snowdon – Scarfell Pike – Ben Nevis (kinda) –> The Anniversary Series

We’ve got a bit of a tradition going on with wedding anniversaries. They must be memorable, cold & preferably spent outdoors.

For our first one we attempted the 3 Peak Challenge.

We kicked off proceedings on a Wednesday & goofed around on Snowdon…..


…BUT WAIT!!! Let’s see that picture in all its original glorious goofiness……


Oh my!!!

Anyway……on the Thursday we hiked half way up Scarfell Pike…..

Scarfell Pike, England

Scarfell Pike, England

….before noticing that Henry had suffered a blister on Snowdon and the whole trip was now off…..

Scarfell Pike, England

We’d also forgotten the memory card in our camera (yes. really.) but managed to capture some moments on smart phones [think *memories*. not *quality* ^_^]. The van hadn’t been converted and so we were allowed to sleep in proper beds, have nice warm showers and could go to the toilet any time we wanted to #bonus.

On the Friday we carried on to Scotland but only managed to see Ben Nevis from a distance and had to come up with some alternative sight seeing trips that didn’t involve lots of walking with sore paws on ice’n snow #bummer. We picked Loch Shiel, the Glenfinnan Monument and the Harry Potter bridge.

Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan monument

Harry Potter bridge, Scotland

Harry Potter bridge, Scotland

Harry Potter bridge, Scotland

Harry Potter bridge, Scotland

Harry Potter bridge, Scotland

Harry Potter bridge, Scotland

So there we have it. First anniversary. Done.

Who knows. Maybe one of these days [with a fresh batch of dogs, ha!] we’ll have another go.

Disclaimer: these priceless memories/low quality photographs were taken in 2010 with mobile phones. They’re never ever gonna win awards but will always remind me of our first wedding anniversary. Awwwww ^_^

Potential sponsors: we stayed at the Bower House Inn in the Lake District for Scarfell Pike and the Old Pines  in Spean Bridge to look at Ben Nevis. Please send us there again, we liked it.


14 thoughts on “Snowdon – Scarfell Pike – Ben Nevis (kinda) –> The Anniversary Series

    • …..ha!

      I would have preferred to show super cool climbing pics from Ben Nevis but sometimes in life things just don’t work out like you want them to.
      Glad to see you back though ^_^

      • I envy you guys – you seem to have the time of your life and good on you. My recollection of Scotland is far back in the end of the 80′ in Edinburgh (beautiful) and a massive 6 ft plus tall guy drinking pints of cider like it was water at the Hadrian Wall (I think that is what it is called) Despite that he was the nicest guy you could have met… ok sorry enough of the blabla… brilliant pics and don’t worry… ben nevis is going to be there for your next round… Have a nice weekend…

    • Hey sweetsound girl ^_^ these pics are from our first anniversary in 2010. I’m a little slower than anticipated [had hoped to deliver on the *series* theme with 3 previous anniversaries altogether #epicfail]. Which means this year is actually our 4th blissful [ha!] year of togetherness. Confusing or what ^_^

  1. First of all, congratulations on your anniversary! My wife and I just celebrated our 36th… As for the photos, they are marvelous and no need for the disclaimer. Oh, the out-takes and censored pics… sometimes those are the best preserving the memories. Till next time…

    • 36 years???? Wowzers!!! Our queen should give you a knighthood for that ^_^
      Seriously though – thanks v much. Our (4th) anniversary isn’t until this Thursday so I might squeeze another celebratory post in [or not].
      You hang in there and go for wedding gold mister….

  2. Great pics. I love Snowdon and The Lake district is one of my favourite places. We used to go there every year in our caravan when the kids were growing up. But coming back to Wales, have you been up on Honesters Pass,think thats how its spelt. We got stuck up there on one occasion caravan coming the opposite way and a sheer drop on one side (mine). I was so scared. Thanks for sharing your travels.

    • I gotta admit – I’d never heard about the Honester Pass [but I’ve just googled it and it looks AMAZING & it might still go onto this year’s list so thank you for that ^_^]. We have the Horseshoe Pass nearby and go there often, it’s a spectacular spot in summer [and winter] to hang out, hike away or watch the bikers go by on a sunny weekend evening. Happy campers ^_^

  3. Great tradition! I’m guessing you’ve got something planned for the 4th one. Hope it goes well!

  4. Come on then, get cracking with years 2 and 3 then :). Keep those traditions going. My Missus and me have been together for 29 years now (only half of that married, very naughty) but never celebrated in such style. Mind you she hates the cold (understatement). Great pics and fun read as always

    • Thanks! And thanks for the virtual whip cracking, ha! You’re another *lifer* which I like to see/hear. I hope that once Mr. B and I have done another 25 years [late starters] we will look at these pics and remember how much we loved trekking up mountains & freezing in our little VDub ^_^

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