March 2013 roundup

March roundup

The recent freaky snow show across North Wales has certainly made this a March to remember. *Luckily* we lost the pergola due to snow in January as we definitely would have lost it this time round, with up to 60cm coming down over 2 days alone! The level of damage snow can cause to trees, farmland and animals is frightening, especially given that we are currently in lambing season.

March roundup

On the van front: we finally have new seats to fit in the front, hoorah! All we need to do now is find some time for Mr. B to crack on ^_^

We’ve had 2 trips to Snowdonia, one on a gloriously sunny day taking pics of wild ponies and a weekend anniversary/birthday camping trip to probably the bestest and emptiest campsites Snowdonia has to offer [yes. more of that in a separate post. soon. ish.] We had birthday mojitos at -2C near a lake and cooked steak on an open fire while it snowed [and nearly lost our awning as well as apparently they don’t fold away neatly when covered in sleet’n ice ….].

March roundup

We’ve also been excited about meeting new friends. Even in different countries! The type that send you something and don’t want anything in return. Like Roman from campervancrazy. One day, while browsing the net, I came across this & couldn’t resist. And one week later I found myself listening to this young lady while reading the letter Roman had sent with my free CD. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a big smile he’s put on my face simply by being excited about his van and as I’m obviously a sucker for a great story I could not wait to schlep it to Snowdonia and share a picture of us listening to Courtney’s music while looking at Roman’s picture. And yes. Of course. In the end I forgot to pack it…ha! But the story will stay with me and every time I listen to Courtney’s music I’m in the mood for camping ^_^

March roundup

We’re toying with the idea of adding a new dog to our little pack….. definitely a Collie, preferably a brown or a blue one. Perhaps a future Search & Rescue star….?

And finally: some soppyness. Mr. B has been an absolute star of a husband and treated me to a zoom lens for my birthday. That makes him now officially the bestest husband on the planet ^_^

There we have it. March in a nutshell. Some sun next please!


18 thoughts on “March 2013 roundup

  1. Hi guys… first of all – Happy Easter – as I can see you guys had a ton of snow… brilliant pics once again… of course as always without the slideshow… :-)

      Happy Belated Easter to you too running Man. Please do not send us any more snow, had more than enough of the annoying stuff! Wouldn’t mind if we were in prime ski land but we’re not. No skiing in Wales. Well. Not to my knowledge anyway?
      Hopefully this blog will return to showing gorgeous blue skies in due course.
      Until soon my friend,

      • Greetings to you… guess we have seen the last of the snow… we had 3 days of sunshine in a row… temps are about 5º deg – so that is good – right ? If all predictions come true, you’d be well advised to invest in a ski lift :-) As for me I am off running now and I don’t see any written evidence about you running… :-)

  2. What fun. I’m headed out the door in a few minutes for a van, bicycle, photo, video, camping, ferry boat, history exploration kind of adventure… I only wish I could find some wild horses too. Till next time :-)

    • I cannot believe there’s no wild horses in wild man country?! I bet you have returned with no end of camping & dude pics’n vids that make me green with envy ^_^

    • ….although reading through it again now it sounded a bit creepy, like I was starring at *your* picture while listening to the music….???!!! Not sure what Mr. B. has to say about that, ha!!!

  3. Great photos – can’t decide whether I like the landscapes or the montage of food, beer etc best. Surely there’s a tale to tell about the inflatable shark?

    • The tale: 4 bottles of bubbles, beers & red wine make you do weird things?! We were pretending it was the biggest fish Mr. B had ever caught and ended up looking like spaced out housewives chasing an inflatable shark. Doesn’t everyone………? ^_^

  4. Hi, I love the landscape of Wales even in bad weather as it looks so dramatic. Don’t even mind snow except its difficult to get around. Thanks for these wonderful pictures.

    • Dramatic is exactly what it was/looked like Rita. But there’s a place & a time for everything and now is no longer the time for snow here. What is your weather like right now [try to avoid the word *sunny* if you can, ha!]

  5. Wow you had a lot of snow. Hope it wasn’t as cold as it looks like? And Snowdonia looks fantastic definitely a place to visit in the future.

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