April 2013 roundup

Whitchurch England April

So. April. Memorable for being… Well. Kinda dull really ^_^

It just seemed to drag on FOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER. With little money to spend on hobbies and not much spare time to get stuck into stuff anyway we only managed ONE day trip and one over nighter, booh!! I didn’t even get to indulge in blogging and am now waaaaaay behind. Ah well, it is what it is ^_^

On a positive: Mr B has finally been re-united with his beloved iPhone 5 which he savagely destroyed in water literally a couple of weeks after he first purchased it last December. Weighing up several (legal & illegal) options we finally decided to bite the bullet and replace the damaged one with a brand new one in the nearest Apple shop [45 minutes away by car. Good God, looks like we DO live out in the sticks]. The trip to Liverpool to exchange the phone was super exciting for me: I got to sit in the passenger seat for 45 minutes while we drove down there. I got to sit on the driver’s seat while I dropped Mr. B off at some dodgy looking corner so that he could rush to the shop before it closed 10 minutes later and so that we didn’t have to pay any parking charges. Then I got to sit on the passenger seat for another 45 minutes on the way back, brilliant!

Henry is still injured and has been on full rest for the whole of April. To break the monotony of not being able to go for walkies we took ourselves to a local tourist spot and spent a couple of hours exploring Chirk Castle.

Chirk Castle North Wales

Chirk Castle North Wales

Chirk Castle North Wales

More positives: new seats for the van, finally! They are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. So amazing in fact that I demanded we take the van out to see how van life would change. On a whim, we ended up taking it to Whitchurch/Shropshire [in England, and don’t worry, passports were packed……) to a tiny simple field by the canal where we could all chill out, heaven!

Whitchurch England April

On the Newsar front: Mr. B now in full training mode. Wednesdays are earmarked for *women on the remote* *boys out to play*. As he’s doing really well I’m obviously v proud <3 Seems like this guy & his dog are becoming a household name for all the right reasons ^_^

Here’s more pics from the home front [some blurry. let’s call it *rustic*]. Happy May everyone.

April 2013


12 thoughts on “April 2013 roundup

  1. hi guys… once again looks like a brilliant trip and once again no slideshow… :-( i gonna complain about this again and again… lol – we are missing out here on those lovely images… and i see you posting an image about your exercise… little hidden and 47 min of exercise is good… you thought i wouldn’t see that – right ? way to go… so keep on 🏃…

    • Thanks Meg ^_^ Have you already been to France [sorry, I am sooooooooooooooooooo behind with my WordPress reader that I don’t know what’s going on anymore, shame on me! Hoping to catch up soon though – as no doubt the weather will not stay great forever in North Wales, ha!]
      All the best,

    • Yep. It’s still there. Minus some very very very very old trees that were lost in the snow, such a shame!
      Just spent the weekend near you (I think?) in the Peak District. Am in love!!! Pics soon ^_^

    • Yes, we like a good National Trust building/estate as well. How’s life in the South? Definitely still coming down there in summer, can’t wait!!!

    • Old Saab seats think I think? Defo comfy! Open up the space no end, making such a difference, plus now more (sleeping) room for the dogs = win/win. Just spent a brilliant weekend in the Peak District, if you’re still coming to the UK you MUST put this very special place on your list, Dowall Hall Farm (not much on it on the web but look out for pics on the blog soon, the place is to die for!!!!!)
      Until soon my friend,

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