July 2013 roundup


So. Here’s the one I didn’t want to have to write.

I took the picture above around 10am on Monday the 8th July 2013. Two hours later my beautiful boy was dead.

I still cannot believe I just wrote that down.

He’d had his last visit to the vet on the Thursday. He hadn’t been up on any of his legs for approx. 10 days. We were still hoping that rest would do the trick but when he was in the room he hated the most and although his flight instinct kicked in he just couldn’t get up. We knew then that time was up.  We took him home and didn’t know what to do. Actually, that’s a lie. We KNEW what we had to do. We just could not bring ourselves to do it. He was 9 years old. His mind was as active as always. He was still enjoying his food. He was still obsessing about and playing with his favourite balls. He was still the gorgeous loyal obedient fun loving and child like dog he always was. But his legs had literally died off on him and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Maybe it was a tumour. Or a lesion. Who knows.

Fact is: I feel cheated. I was happily preparing to live with a limping dog until his time was up. I was not expecting this.

So on the Sunday night we finally accepted that we needed to be good parents and do the decent thing. We slept downstairs on the sofa with him that night. We woke up at 6am and Mr. B carried him outside. We wanted him to spend his last day doing the things he loved most. I spent the morning glued to his side and let him push a ball around with his nose.

At 12:00 o’clock the vet turned up. We cried. We held each other. We cuddled him and we said our goodbyes. I remember thinking it was too surreal to be real. But then we went ahead and killed our dog. That’s what it felt like to me.

I have dreaded writing this post. I am truly heartbroken. But life goes on. Perhaps you think I’m crazy when I tell you that I truly believe some of his spirit has passed on and managed to find its way into Maisie. Maybe I AM crazy ^_^ But it’s somehow comforting to know that she seems to be coping with the loss of her beloved companion by having adapted some new traits that remind me of Henry every single day.

We miss him.

Henry, 20.06.2004 – 08.07.2013

PS: Yes. We are spreading the love we had for him. The weekend after H was taken away from us, two little boys were born in Builth Wells. I hope they will turn out to be as loyal, playful, beautiful and unique as he was!

PPS: nothing else that happened in July matters really.

29 thoughts on “July 2013 roundup

  1. Beautifully written Mrs B. Brought a lump to my throat tbh….Phew. I look forward to reading about the progress of the youngsters as they fit into your family.

  2. Hi Babs. So sorry to hear you have lost your best friend. I am dreading that day myself. All I can say is that time heals but you never forget. His spirit will be with you wherever you are. Take care.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss, I don’t have a pet and never had a dog, so I only can imagine how hard it is. Hopefully the two young ones will be just as great.

  4. sorry to hear that news Mrs B.

    Pets, especially dogs, just inhabit and cohabit so much of our lives that when they go its like losing a limb. I have loved and lost 2 dogs and my third is still only really a pup so hopefully with us for years to come. Memories dont take away the pain of losing a real companion but they soften the blow and encourage smiles even through the tears.

    • Cried reading this post. The hardest decision any dog owner ever has to make. Our dogs are part of our family. I dread the day we have to say goodbye to our boy, Marley. I can see from your photos and feel from your beautifully written words he has had a wonderful, happy life with you and Mr B. You are about to provide the same for two younger boys. He’ll always be with you and you will always have treasured memories. Thinking of you all x

    • Have watched Barney grow up on your blog, gorgeous little thing ^_^
      My dog life started with a Husky called Aisha. She was super pretty and super untrainable and I didn’t know what to do with her so I gave her to someone who did so she could have the life she deserved. Then I was given a German Shepherd/Rottweiler cross (I named her Lucy) and found her a little Jack Russell as a companion whom I named Peaches ^_^. Lucy was a BIG dog and lived to the age of 11. Peaches was a proper clever little thing and when Lucy left us I went out and found Henry as a companion for little Peaches. He was my first boy dog. Maybe that’s what made him special. Or maybe the fact he was so super keen and super involved in everything. Or maybe the fact that by the time he came into my life I had learnt a lot about dogs. One thing’s for sure: everything he’s taught me & Mr. B about boy dogs we shall pass on to Cai & AJ who will be joining us on the 8th September for a new chapter on vanplus.com ^_^

      • So you are getting two new companions? Fantastic. My wife and I were only remarking the other day how odd it is we cant remember how it was before we had Barney. Thats their charm. They burrow into your affections from day 1 and are part of the family by day 2!

        Cant wait to see the new arrivals on the blog!

  5. Very sorry to hear of your loss. We had a recent scare with our cat who, thankfully is still with us, for now. Fingers crossed she stays with us for another year or two yet. It is hard when they go.

  6. The saddest thing I’ve read in a long time Babs. The fact that you did the right thing is little consolation, but it was the kindest thing for Henry. People who have never had dogs in their lives might not fully understand, but those of us who do understand only too well. Best wishes to you both.

  7. So sorry for your loss Babs. That was a beautiful and poignant tribute. I remember only too well going through the same thing with my best pal Harry a few years back. He was 7 and died of cancer and I was heartbroken, still am, still miss him. Stay strong and treasure the memories, what a lovely last photograph that must be tough to look at. All the best, Andy.

    • I’m sorry I made you cry. Mr B doesn’t like some of the references I made to the fact that I think Henry’s precious life was cut far too short but I felt I owed him some honesty. He was no doubt the best dog I ever had (no offence Maisie lol).
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting x

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