We’re hiring!

Well. Technically we are no longer hiring. We’ve hired!

twin border boys

Featuring for the very first time on vanplusfour are AJ [on the left] and Cai [on the right. obviously] (oh, and Mr B. in the middle) The cuteness!!!

We saw the twins, some of their siblings and their gorgeous mum Ellie for the very first time here when they were just 1 week old (I’m hoping the one at the back is not one of our boys as its sense of direction is terrible???!!!)

twin border boys

The story goes: Ellie fell in love with one of the locals and they made 9 beautiful illegitimate (but full) border collie babies. I’m a bit of a sucker for a romantic story and almost as soon as we saw them we knew that we wanted their journey to take them from Builth Wells in Mid Wales to the Northern borders to join us on our travels.

Look how tiny they were!
twin border boys

twin border boys

twin border boys

Fast forward a week and at 2 weeks old their little eyes opened!
twin border boys

twin border boys

Mary [Ellie’s mum]’s been brilliant and has so far sent us a picture every Sunday. In week 3 we could really see a big change in them and it was goodbye little guinea pigs & helllooooooooooo gorgeous collies:
twin border boys

And then – finally!!! – Saturday just gone (when they were 4 weeks old) we travelled down to Builth Wells to meet our little boys for the very first time ^_^
twin border boys

I’ve gotta admit that I’m a little anxious. It’s been 9 years since I’ve had a proper pup in my life (Maisie, who is 7 now, was 8 months old when we rescued her). I am not particularly looking forward to the whole toilet training drama. I wonder how Maisie will cope with so much boisterousness around her. The twins will be a proper hand full no doubt and looking at their little innocent faces I hope we will live up to the challenge and give them the life they unreservedly deserve. I hope they’ll love us like we’ll love them and that they will turn out to be proper little troopers. Just like Henry x

But I can’t wait to the get camera on them!!!  We are picking them up on the 8th of September and excitement is definitely in the air!


12 thoughts on “We’re hiring!

  1. I can feel the excitement in the air. You are also “buzzing” like an expectant parent (just as I was a week ago). As soon as I saw them I went directly into my Ace Ventura Pet Detective voice and said, “oh jo woo jo bo bo”, “come to me my jungle friends”.

    • Thanks! How’s the running going? As you can tell from the non-happening running shots in the monthly round-ups I have given up. For now anyway… ;)

      • running is going great… however work is taking up a good bit of my time at the moment… and you excuse was ??? :-)
        don’t give up with the running… it is good for you…

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