August 2013 roundup

August was mainly about waiting for the pups to grow up. DIYing. And van travels.

August 2013 roundup

We kicked off the month with a trip to Lake Bala. Then we went down to Builth Wells to meet our twins for the very first time. After that we spent some time with loved ones and captured some moments in Aberystwyth. Only a couple of weeks ago we caught up with friends from waaaaaaaaaay back in Llandovery. And finally: last weekend we hooked up with the NEWSAR guys and walked round Corwen and (almost!) flew on Anglesey.

On the dog front: Maisie met lots of play mates but wasn’t too keen on any of them. Which is a shame given that come this Sunday (exciting!!!) she will have to learn how to share her humble abode with these hooligans:
August 2013 roundup

At home, *we* finally managed to progress things a little further in the bathroom. This time last year (that’s right. LAST. year) we decided on a whim to rip out the bath. We managed with nothing but a tiny shower cubicle and a toilet (remember, we’re campers) for quite some time (months!) before my gifted plumber husband finally ripped out the whole lot and we were left with no option but to wash hair & brush teeth in the kitchen sink and have showers at my ever so generous parents-in-law across the road. But – hallelujah! – we now have a fully functioning GORGEOUS shower and the end is in sight. Crying shame then that we seem to have run out of cash now…..

August 2013 roundup

We’re still missing a wall. A sink. And the flooring but it’ll do for now.

So. My guess is September will be all about the pups. Exciting!!!

9 thoughts on “August 2013 roundup

  1. WOW ! That all sounds very exciting. love the puppies. Lake Bala was the first place we went to see when we moved to the Welsh Borders. Lovely place.

    • Exciting indeed Rita x
      Always a pleasure to return to Lake Bala; unfortunately less van’n nature & more puppies in September as we welcome the twins and eagerly await their first outing some time in October!!!

    • worry not virtual friend! As I am now officially on *maternity leave* [the twins are moving in on Sunday and I have 2 weeks to acclimatise us all to life as we don’t know it….] I’m sure I will OD on my blog fixes while I wait for the twins to wake up / sleep / eat / mess up :)

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