Puppernity – an iPhone post

My puppernity leave has come to an end. Today was my first day back doing my little part-time job having devoted the last 2 weeks to settling in the twins.

the twins

It already feels like only 2 minutes ago that we effectively kidnapped those cute lil boys from their mum, separated them from their siblings and took them away from everything they knew. They repaid us by being sick (as a dog) in the car on the drive home. We had to abandon the safe kennel option and I ended up having to comfort them on my lap. I didn’t mind ^_^

As soon as we returned home they perked up a little and after a cuddle with their new human dad things didn’t seem that bad at all for our little boys.

the twins

After that I just couldn’t stop taking puppy pics.

the twins

the twins

Maisie is not the twins’ biggest fan. Yet. If she had her way they’d be roaming the streets instead of taking up residency in her gaff. Every now and then we force her to join in (ha!) and she comes into the puppy pen to stand around awkwardly trying her hardest not to look at them. But she seems to be coming round and once all jabbed up next week they will have to learn how to live with one another. My money’s on Maisie teaching them some manners. And pretty pronto I reckon ^_^

the twins

AJ & Cai(zers) are now 10 weeks old. They can sit, lie down, kinda give paw, come here and *sit high*. They are incredibly cute and incredibly naughty!


17 thoughts on “Puppernity – an iPhone post

    • Ridiculously cute Chrissie! Mind you, little devils in disguise is probably a more accurate description ^_^ Had totally forgotten HOW much hard work puppies are?! But all forgotten when they let you cuddle you (when they’re all tired out, ha!).

    • course we don’t mind Rita :) Cai(zers) is – as we speak – parking his pissy paws and smelly bum on my handmade cushion to grab some sleep. Obviously I now love my puppy more than I hold dear the hours spent on making my house look, ahem, homely! ^_^

    • ….is not something I said when they chewed the insulation, my carpet and left some decorative teeth marks on my wooden table ;)
      but yes. they are ridiculously cute. obviously :)

      • oops…..

        Barney has never chewed anything thankfully but we had spaniels previously and one of them fancied herself as POW escapee and used to chew the walls!

        Hopefully all will settle down soon. Either that or buy lots of slippers as a distraction :)

    • Not sure if I should actually put this down in writing Andy but they’ve been much better than expected?! Clearly because we’re brilliant humans, ha! ;)

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