My gorgeous Santas ♥

Christmas started early for me as I’ve been quite lucky at work and my boss let us run with a fun Christmas idea – a digital *guess the work colleague* advent calendar.


I managed to persuade some of our crafty DIY colleagues to make us a basic wooden frame and taped & nailed some baubles and other Christmassy bits’n bobs on it. I then literally took the same shot 25 times with a different person for each day and started playing around with their pictures in LR4. Man, that was fun! The comms team published it on our Intranet and also the corporate FB page and although most people discovered some unwanted facial features they all seemed to enjoy waiting for it to be their turn ♥ It’s taken my love of photography to a different level and has brought with it some new opportunities that I cannot wait (!!!) to explore in 2014 ^_^

Looking back at 2013…..there’s no getting away from the fact that it has been a truly catastrophic year for our family and one I for one cannot wait to leave behind.

On the plus side: things at work couldn’t be better; we even managed to pull off a *Made in Chelsea* inspired Christmas jumper shot and seem to have discovered our very own boy band ♥

Christmas jumper day

Christmas jumper day


Next on the list: a bigger lens! A wide angle one is definitely top of my list, so is a lower F range (my trusted Nikon D5000 with its standard 18-55mm lens does not manage to achieve anything lower then 3.8). I think I’m ready to move on; just wish I could say the same for my purse ;)

All that remains then is for me to wish you all the very best for 2014; let’s all have a blast and stay healthy and happy ♥


4 thoughts on “My gorgeous Santas ♥

  1. Hi Babs n Richard   Lovely to read your mail, although I know it is mainly for/about your work colleagues.  And you have satisfied my curiosity about thing: which one of you is the photographer?  David still thinks the pictures you took of the twins should be framed and sent in for some prestigic photographic competition and Mike has one of them as his lappie desktop photo.  Whenever I ask people what camera they have, I’m usually told it’s only the one on their phone!!  I would dearly love to have a nice one, but would have no idea how to use it.   I’m really sorry to read that your year has been bad.  You have certainly kept a brave face on it and always appeared bright and cheerful.  (I do hope that part of the catastrophe has nothing to do with getting the twins!!)  Really hope the new year coming is better for you – most us have these dreadful years at some time in our lives – I’m sure things will only improve.   So, Happy New Year – I shall look forward to keeping up with the doggie videos and piccies and I’m SURE you will look forward to seeing endless pictures of The Bug!!   Lots of love   Mary x x


    • Mary ♥ there’s no point in droning on about the bad things in life in public [therapy is Rich’s speciality…….] but one thing’s for sure: the twins are definitely one of the few highlights of 2013 :) As a hopelessly romantic I definitely believe in *things happen for a reason* and couldn’t be happier that we found each other via our mutual love for all things hairy (ha!).
      Nous ne pouvons pas attendre de voir quelle partie de la maison française que vous avez attribué en nous et j’espère que vous serez prêt pour une visite des jumeaux dans le Gloucestershire au printemps ♥

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