January 2014 roundup

Introducing: dodgy videos ^_^

With the weather being absolutely awful we’ve not managed to shoot a lot of pictures and AT LAST I have discovered videos ^_^ Don’t be expecting anything fancy, edited or with music any time soon but at least you can see a little bit more of what we see on a daily basis: home ♥

January then. The boys were finally big enough to leave the local National Trust park behind and venture out into North Wales’ finest (albeit small) mountains.

I have a feeling Hollywood ain’t come knocking on my door any time soon but you get the jist of what things look like around here.

I’ve not managed to take the new lens out as much as I’d wanted to (one word: weather) but we were out every single weekend and I really cannot remember a wetter or windier month. Ever?

Panorama, North Wales, UK
sunset chasing on Foel Fenli, North Wales, UK
Point of Ayr, Talacre Beach, Flintshire, North Wales, UK
World's End, North Wales, UK

Experiencing thunder & lightning on top of the Berwyns was a first for both of us and something we hopefully won’t have to endure again very soon. You know something serious is up when Maisie comes running back looking for you to protect her ;) And protect we did; can’t remember my butt being so severely pelleted by hail stones EVER so after another outdoor lesson learnt we promptly got ourselves a bright orange storm shelter. And hope we can put it to the test one of these days. But than again – hopefully not!?

So here’s a picture round-up of January: it was a wet’n windy one with real highs (new lens. sunsets. chinese food) and real lows (hail thunder & lightning storm on the Berwyns):

January roundup


8 thoughts on “January 2014 roundup

  1. Since I got the new camera I’ve kinda lost interest in the videos other than a few 360 panoramas. I should try and include a few more to enliven the blog and slide shows a bit although I still can’t bring myself to do a “piece to camera”. I’ve tried a couple of times but they are pretty cringeworthy :)

    Glad to see the boys out and about properly at last – as I’m sure you are as well :)

  2. Well, not to be too cheesy but this makes my heart ache with longing. It’s been a month and I miss it so much, every day. I’m always floored when residents tell me the UK isn’t that great, or that they haven’t seen much of it… I’m so happy that you enjoy it so much. What a stunning, beautiful place.

  3. Love your pictures Babs and Richard. Keep them coming (even though I see them on fb). I feel quite envious of the camera and the talent – and the wonderful scenery of N Wales.

    • Well, I guess you could do something about the camera and the wonderful scenery (albeit in the pretty Cotswold), not sure about the talent…..? ;)
      Only kidding of course ♥

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