With love from North Wales ♥

It seems the *shall I/shall I not* renew my domain registration dilemma has found a natural solution….I totally forgot about it!? Looks like we’re back on the vanplusfour.wordpress.com tag but that’s cool.

So yes. Thanks for all your lovely messages & suggestions. It’s been busy in North Wales! I am now more obsessed than ever with my camera and am hoping to upgrade to a Nikon D800 any time soon. It probably means bread & water for the rest of our lives but so be it ;)

Here’s something we’ve not seen in a little while….

Lake Bala, North Wales, UK

….and here is what we’ve been seeing instead: glorious Welsh mountains, talented Paralympic hopefuls, quite a bit of sun (!), some sheep (of course!) and a lot of nature :)

Excalibur-7Excalibur-15Excalibur-21Erddig search ex-7Erddig search ex-9crag training Panorama-202014_06_18 crag trg-92014_06_18 crag trg-8Snowdonia Sevens-1Horseshoe Pass-1Nonie_Chester Melton Mowbray-4Snowdonia-3
sheep-1Snowdonia-1Snowdonia-5Nags Head-3
dogs-2Nonie_Chester website-1

I feel very humbled & proud to have been given the opportunity to be the NEWSAR (North East Wales Search & Rescue) Team’s official photographer (whoop whoop!) and have been to most of their training sessions & fundraising events since April. Many of you will know that my husband Rich is a team member; it’s a totally awesome team and if you’re feeling generous today quickly hop on over to their website and donate; it costs approximately £25,000 a year to run the Team – this covers fuel and repairs for the vehicles, protective equipment for team members, training courses, team equipment such as ropes, stretchers etc.

13training-11North Wales Police Open Day-1classroom training-42014_04_16 training exercise-62014_04_16 training exercise-19Excalibur-12Erddig search ex-5Queens Baton Relay Moel Famau-1Llandegla-6Loggfest-9crag training Panorama-32014_06_18 crag trg-12014_06_18 crag trg-4SRT LLan-1SRT Llan-88

And last, but certainly not least – am also dabbing in pet photography. Was only a matter of time really, with 3 BCs in tow ;) The twins, incidentally, are now one year old. Can you believe it!!!??? I certainly can’t. They’re more man dogs than puppies nowadays, ha! If pet photography rocks your boat you could also follow me on Facebook (here) or hire me. Simples ;)

dogs-1Moel Morfydd-1Moel Morfydd-2Bryn-2Snowdonia-2Bryn-7


7 thoughts on “With love from North Wales ♥

  1. As usual, your photos are great. I am particularly in love with your dogs. I am so tempted to book a trip to Wales to meet you guys and get a taste of the lovely countryside. Of course Snowdon would be on my list of things to do, but other, lesser-known summits would be enticing, as well. Cheers and I hope to meet you someday.

  2. Good to see the latest post from you. Of course I’m digging those Search and Rescue images, and as always, the dogs. We all just got back from a really fun VanSlam road trip. 17 days on the road. Lots of stories, photos and a video on my site. Hope you get a change to give it a watch. I’m headed off on a backcountry motorbike ride for about a week… So that will probably be the next story. Buy we have another week of van camping in sunny (scorching hot) eastern Washington coming in August. Hey BWY, my littlest grandson, Remy LOVES the dog photos. So we’ll have to check out your FB page. See later Mrs. B. Kat

    • of course I got a chance to check up on your vanslam adventures!!! You guys are so glam!? And your pictures always bring a smile to my face. Along with a bit of green (for envy!) We still have the van but have now gone the American way and are trying our dang hardest to get that pick-up on the road with that demountable on top. Safely ;) It’s still wobbling a bit (too much) and is a tad scary to drive and so it’s only been out twice. Just fitted new super springs (uhuuu. me speako the mechanic lingo now) and just waiting for the suspension airbags to get this show on the road. Not had much time to nerd around on the internet but always checking up on what my favourite dudes are doing ;)
      Until soon
      The Bs :)

      • Ok, my world is back in balance. Now that I know you’re still watching over our shoulders. Thanks for the update. See you soon. Till then watch 20 seconds of the sunrise from our windowsill.

  3. Wwow, you show our part of the world is the best light possible, your photos are truly beautiful

    • Thanks so much for saying so Sandra! T’is pretty hard not to show it in its best possible light as it’s so dang naturally beautiful ;)
      I now have a new camera so hopefully we’ll see even more of our gorgeous landscapes v soon!
      All the best,
      Babs B

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