Snowdonia March


We’re in North Wales (UK). In 2011 my super talented husband converted an ordinary VW T5 into an extraordinary camper. If VWs and conversions flick your switch then you can read how he did that here. Once finished we just couldn’t stop taking it to lots of different places. Like France. Scotland. England. And Wales [of course!]

Then we got hooked on photography and even allowed non-van events to take centre stage.

In January 2013 Mr. B joined North East Wales Search & Rescue (NEWSAR). In July 2013 we suffered a massive blow when this happened.

These arrived in September 2013 and we are – technically – no longer vanplusfour. But t’is how we started and t’is how we’ll stay ^_^

Mr & Mrs B, Maisie, AJ & Caizers

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  1. What a lovely picture of the two of you.
    Where is this taken?
    I’m momentarily in North Norfolk, UK – an area of outstanding natural beauty,
    not far away from Holkham Beach, the number one in GB, looks similar to your beach there. :-)


    • why thank you Dina; it was taken along a 12km wide stretch of beach nr St. Valerie sur Somme in France. Gorgeous day! Being from Wales we’d obviously like to think that the most outstandingly beautiful beaches are in Wales – but having just returned from the Isle of Skye we might have to admit defeat ^-^ I’ve actually not been to Norfolk EVER so that might go straight on top of the wish list for now.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      • Update Aug 2013: the French beach shot has now been replaced with a Welsh hike shot which was taken on a beautiful sunny day in March 2013 in Snowdonia.

  2. A great blog – thanks for your following mine, glad you dropped by and gave me an insight into you van plus 4 lifestyle…. Scotsman by birth, lived in England most of it, now living in Wales, and married to an Ecuadorian – feel somewhat nomadic too! Great blog, and so sorry to hear your sad family news.

    • Hi…and thanks for stopping by ^-^ Sorry it’s taken a little while to reply but we did take some out to reflect. Life DOES go on though so here we are ^-^ And by the way….. your wife sounds extremely exotic! ^-^

  3. Hej from Sweden!

    Not so sure how you found my little goat blog, but i am so glad that you did. If you hadn’t, I would have never found y our blog. I love your beautiful photos and I feel like I have just traveled myself when I have viewed them. Such fantastic scenery …. Oh how I wish I were there.
    My daughter did her post graduate studies recently in Glasgow and during her studies in theater, was offered a role in the movie “The Angel’s Share” It was shot in the Scottish Highlands and as my daughter traveled up, she texted me to let me know just how beautiful it was and said it was my kind of country.
    I am kept really busy since I launched my new business Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap.You can read about it at http://www.lilsisgoatmilksoap.com
    My travel has been limited to visiting my daughter in London, taking care of sub let issues in NY, and for business. I do hope to travel to your area…eventually. In the meanwhile , I will be transported by your lovely photos. Thank you.

    • …and what a likeable person you are ^-^….thanks so much for taking time out of your busy *goat schedule* to comment on vanplusfour.com ^-^ Your products look amazing! I love the philosophy behind it and can almost smell your lime & lemon goat milk soap. With xmas round the corner who knows what we might ship in from Sweden ^-^
      I will definitely keep an eye out for Sweden’s most gorgeous goats so thanks for popping in <3

      • Hej from Sweden !
        Wow thanks for checking out my website. So glad you liked what saw and read.
        It’s important to reach out to people and with our world of Social Networking, blogs are great ways to meet and exchange ideas and pleasures. it’s amazing that you are miles away from me here in Sweden yet we can communicate and share thoughts so easily. What a world we live in… Love it !

      • I could not agree more, what a good thing that we stumbled upon each other’s world, here’s to many more happy Swedish / Welsh [or Swesh for short, ha!] blog moments ^_^

  4. Probably going to be a Panel Van Conversion, so transit/boxer van sized….Shower/Toilet etc, need the comforts these days :-) Just need a good safe place in the Wrexham area to store it. One suggestion. Have a look at http://www.motorhomefun.co.uk Good friendly site, lots of info about areas. Well worth a tenner a year. Happy travels. Al

  5. I don’t need to travel to find interesting and eye-catching things,
    they are everywhere I go…
    It is amazing how you can find mystery and story in everyday things…

    that is my way of life and thinking :-)

    there fore i m glad, to have you and others, to bring traveling to me…you have amazing blog i really like it a lot…


    • we like your way of thinking!
      thanks for stopping by and showering this humble wordpress site with blog love ^_^
      you show me yours – I show you mine (ha!)

      • afternoon ^_^ We’re in North Wales and live close to the gorgeous little town of Llangollen. Llambedr is about 60 miles away and yes, you’re right, it is a lovely spot [the closest we’ve been is on a camping trip to Shell Island, a picturesque penisula]. Thanks for taking the time to read & comment ^_^

  6. What a great blog (what a great van conversion!) and what great photos! Cheers for the “like” on our walk blog. Being just over the hill from you in the Ceiriog valley, we must have some favourite walking/driving places in common. If you’re ever over our way, stop by The Hand in Llanarmon and we can compare notes!

    • Hi John. And thanks for taking the time to comment!
      We’ve been to the Hand @ Llanarmon (and like!) but not recently (boo!). One of our New Year’s resolutions is to walk more locally (we have such abundance of outstanding scenery right on our doorstep!) and I love how you are able to translate what you see and do into words and write about it with such ease ^-^ On a weekend we can usually be found exploring the Moels arond Mold and in Snowdonia but during the week we take the dogs along the Llangollen canals and into one of our favourite places: Erddig. I am definitely excited about following your adventures in the Ceiriog valley – perhaps you can recommend a 3 – 4 hour route with no roads?

      • Try this one – it’s virtually road-free: park in Llanarmon D.C. and head up the hill opposite the bridge (Heartbreak Hill) and follow the 1/2 miles road/farm track up past the Rhyd Caledwynt. Turn left onto the path that crosses the moors to Fynnon y Brenin, then at Dolydd Ceiriog take the path that leads down past the Ceiriog Waterfalls. Join the road at Swch Cae Rhiw farm, cross the bridge 1/2 mile down the road at Pentre and take the river-side footpath down past Dolwen farm, through Coed Cochion woods and back down Heartbreak Hill to Llanarmon. This is about nine miles, which, depending on the weather and your pace is about 3-4 hours. You can pick out the route on OS map 255 – it’s also in our Walk Book (pardon the plug!). It’s a lovely walk: the hills are not too steep, and the waterfalls are really picturesque. We were up there a few weeks ago (there’s a post about it on the walk blog) when all that frost was on the ground – it looked spectacular.

      • plug away :) went up to Moel y Plas nr Llandegla today and decided (on the way back down, covered in snow, yay!) that we’d give your suggestion a go. Probably not this weekend but the one after. Looking forward to it already, thanks very much for taking the time to suggest it!
        [and yes, pictures & link back on this very blog. Very soon ^_^]

  7. So cool that you and your husband on going on a grand adventure! I saw something cool on your website that I have a question about. I have tons of photos but always worry about posting them on my blog. I saw that you protected your own photos, do you recommend a site? Any information is greatly appreciated!

  8. Good morning Travelista. I have started using Lightroom 4 to edit my pics and would like to think that my copyright settings are right? ^_^ Have also opted to include my blog’s name, not so much to protect my pics (I don’t think too many people would wanna steal my stuff) but more to direct people to my web site should they come across (and like) a pic of mine ^_^ I currently do this via http://www.picmonkey.com/ by simply inserting text into a picture and then playing around with it until I like it what it looks like ^_^
    Hope this answers your question – enjoy your travels and thanks for stopping by ^_^

  9. Hi Mrs B and thanks for visiting my blog. Me, my missus and Border Collie ‘Mist’ live just a little to the north of you, at Dyserth on the northern edge of the Clwydian Hills. We also have a van – sorry to say that we’ve gone a bit soft, with a bigger Boxer conversion, but our last one was an all black (windows as well!) T4 – very ‘A’ Team! We had a 4×4 T25 before that, and a VW LT35 before that.

    BTW, great blog yourself, and just as soon as I finish this sentence I’m going to hit your ‘follow’ button – looking forward to more great tales and pics :-)

    • Good morning Paul, missus & Mist ^_^ I wish I had found you earlier, training a dog for search & rescue purposes is defo something we would be interested in! Reading about somebody else doing pretty much the same walks’n stuff we do should also be pretty exciting, good times ahead ^_^
      Mrs B (Babs), Rich, Henry & May(sie)

      • Thanks for that – I’ll feature Mist’s training progress every now and then, but she’ll be wanting her own blog soon :-)

    • Whats your blog address please Paul. I’m looking at a boxer sized conversion in the near future. Unlike Rich and Mrs B, my camping-type years are well behind me :-)

      • Hi Al, we’ve got a Houldsworth conversion of the Boxer, great amount of space inside for two + dog! It’s in a discreet metallic blue that looks very un-camper on first glance, handy ‘cos we prefer wild-camping with the van – nice to pick your own view each night!

        The blog is at http://hillcraftguidedwalking.com/ Thanks for your interest :-)

  10. Hi Mrs B, thanks for dropping by my blog, hope you enjoy my little world :)
    I’m following yours so looking forward to reading about your trips and adventures

  11. Great shot! I actually thought you were standing on the Salts Flats in Utah until I saw the trees to the right vs. snow-capped mountains. Thanks, world travelers, for the nods on some of my earlier posts, “Salmon Fishing on the Rogue”, “Millipede”, “Rosebud” and “Across the Great Divide”. Ok, get back to posting more of your own from all your adventures. Be well!

  12. I saw your comment on my blog (one woman 48 4000-footers) and decided to check out your site. I was in the UK a few years ago and did some hiking on Mt. Snowdon. I spent some time in Cardiff, Caerphilly, Aberystwyth, and Snowdonia National Park. It’s a beautiful country and I’d love to visit again! Until then I’m going to live vicariously through your photos (which are gorgeous!)

    • Thanks so much for coming over from Blogger and taking the time to comment Allison <3. And quite impressive how you effortlessly manage to spell Caerphilly [did you try the cheese?] and Aberystwyth ^_^

    • Wowzers JK, Really???? Love that!!!!! I hit the *follow* button a few hours ago and saw that you’ve already put up a new post, way to go man ^_^
      Looking forward to reading all about your forthcoming adventures, now stop dreaming and get buying that van then start living the dream [Amen], ha!
      All the best / Dewy Sant
      Babs, Rich, Henry & May(sie) x

  13. Hej from Sweden!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post . Hope all is well with you both (4) in Wales? How’s your weather? Any sign of Spring? We are still under snow with -20c temps during the nights then up to +2 during the days. The extreme cold freezes and makes the snow in the goats enclosure linger far too long. My goats don’t like snow so they remain in the stable. My poor babies. Come on Spring!

    • Wowzers, thanks so much for making me blush a little ^_^ I don’t consider myself an accomplished photographer, I just like to share what I see with others that appreciate the beauty of nature. Reading your words makes me feel really good so I thank you for that!
      Until soon,
      Babs B

  14. How lovely to be seeing your beautiful photos full size and to read your wee blog @babsboardwell xx looking forward to pics of the twins arrival…and seeing Maise’s look of disappointment….;) xxx Linda

    • Big day indeed Al. Both of them were sick on their way home. Little Cai(zers) got his jaw stuck in the crate so crate training went out the window on day 1 (yay…..). I don’t know what day of the week it is and must have lost at least a stone chasing them round the kitchen & garden already – toilet training twins is an absolute NIGHTMARE to say the least! On the plus side – they are incredibly cute and v funny together. Could watch them for hours ^_^ you two should pop in one night if you don’t mind mess and stressed out stay at home mums :)

    • Can’t see why not Sandra!? Although – with 3 dogs (2 of them unruly teenagers) I’m sure most people are going to stay well clear of us, ha!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, hopefully we’ll get to know each other’s camping habits a little better this year ♥

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